Project Description

AKFimageThe report looks back over the all of the horizon scanning conducted between 2011 and 2012 (and a series of 13 workshops), and identifies the key trends and developments under thirteen key factors. Using these new trends, we report on issues which may influence our clients ability to achieve objectives, in addition to the associated emerging risks, opportunities, challenges and wildcards. Finally, we discuss cross-cutting issues common to all Key Factors which may require collaborative action.

This document is designed to inform future research, policy action and strategic reflection, by highlighting emerging issues of strategic importance to the environment and the Defra network.

  1. Consumer attitudes and behaviour
  2. Health and well-being
  3. Science, technology and innovation
  4. Energy supply and demand
  5. Natural resources and waste management
  6. Agriculture, forestry and rural communities
  7. Food production, processing and distribution
  8. Land use and land management
  9. Climate, environment and biodiversity
  10. Oceans, marine life and fisheries
  11. Economy and industry
  12. Globalisation (geo)politics and national security
  13. Demographics and urbanisation

Reports and downloads

CERFs Annual Key Factors Report is now available for download here.

If you need help using this report to inform strategic planning in your own organisation, please contact Anna Rathe at

*UPDATE: We are currently developing our Annual Key Factors Report for the period 2012-2013. If you would like to be kept informed, please contact Anna Rathe at