Date: 12th (wheat workshop) and 13th (potato workshop) March 2014

Event details:

The increasing incidence of extreme weather events in the UK and globally will continue to challenge current and future UK food supply chains. In response, Cranfield University and Defra have launched two workshops to:

  1. Identify vulnerabilities to extreme weather in the potato and wheat supply chains.
  2. Explore innovative solutions for reducing vulnerability and thus improving resilience.

Dr George Prpich, Lecturer in Environmental Risk Management at Cranfield University said:

 “Our ambition is for these workshops to not only identify the problems, but to collectively define solutions. We want to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas from individuals in government, industry and academia. We are particularly keen to hear from growers and farmers, as these are the people who often experience the impacts of extreme weather first hand.”

Who is the event aimed at?

Anyone involved in the food supply chain (particularly wheat and potatoes) who would like to investigate the risks of extreme weather, discuss the resilience of the UK supply chain to these risks, and identify innovative solutions with colleagues from across government, industry and academia. As stated above we are particularly keen to hear from growers and farmers, but also retailers, processors, importers/exporters, seed specialists and storage and distribution providers.

For further details or to register your place at the event, please contact Hayley Shaw at